Did you know that sleeping on a satin pillowcase will reduce damage and friction to hair and skin?  

Using a StayStyled Satin Pillowcase, hair is maintained in its best natural form. Sleeping on our pillowcase is ideal for users of hair extensions, hairpieces or wigs to maintain the structure of the hairpiece whether it be synthetic or 100% natural hair.


The StayStyled Satin Pillowcase is ideal for use the same day hair has been coloured, permanently straightened or permanently curled as the cuticle layer of hair swells during the process of hair colouring or permanent straightening or curling and hair is still in a fragile state up to 48hrs after a chemical procedure.


The StayStyled Satin Pillowcase will aid in reducing friction to the hair during this time which will leave your hair in its best form and help maintain its strength and shape.

Keeping hair and skin hydrated is important to maintain a desired style and healthy glow to both your hair and skin. The StayStyled Satin Pillowcase will not draw away moisture from the hair fibres and surface of the skin, so when the effort of hydrating has been made it will not be lost from satin as it would from something as easy as sleeping on a cotton or linen sheet night after night.

The benefits of using a StayStyled Satin Pillowcase:

  • Hair styles last longer i.e.; formal style, blow wave or curls

  • Reduces bunching and creasing of hair and skin

  • Reduces breakage and hair loss

  • Perfect for travelers who want to maintain their hair style and make-up

  • Recommended for use the night of a colour service, to reduce friction to the cuticle layer

  • Ideal for helping maintain shape and structure of hair extensions or hair pieces


  • The StayStyled Satin Pillowcase air dries in no time at all, no need for the heated dryer ( but they are safe to be used that way if you choose )

  • Using a StayStyled Satin Pillowcase you illiminate the need for multiple styling products for both hair and skin.

  • StayStyled Satin Pillowcase is your truly NATURAL styling maintenance regime

  • StayStyled Satin Pillowcase is a washable and reusable product



This is the best part ( I say delightly with a smile on my face )

Think about this…How familiar is that feeling you get when you are on your own, face to face with yourself in the mirror now hoping that you can remember how to use the wonderful products your stylist sent you home with to recreate the magnificent shape that was performed in the salon?

Let me guess…panic sets in right?

By sleeping on a StayStyled Satin Pillowcase you will assist in prolonging the life of your salon style and push out the need to start from scratch.

Step 1. Open up your silky soft StayStyled Satin Pillowcase and allow yourself to feel great and get excited at the loveliness of your new product.

Step 2. Either slide your StayStyled Satin Pillowcase over your existing pillow cover or use it alone to cover your pillow.

Step 3. After you have prepped yourself for bed and applied any face night creams, simply lay your head on the soft silky surface and indulge in the best nights beauty sleep you have had in a long time.

Too easy right?


If you have natural wave or curly hair you would probably know by now how delicate and prone to dryness curly hair can be. Curly hair style specialists around the world will recommend sleeping on a high quality satin pillowcase to avoid any further dehydration of the hair shaft or friction to the shape of the curl. Maintaining a balanced hydration in curly hair is the secret to protecting the curls and maintaining a beautiful curl that has spring and shine.





"As we age we lose the elasticity in our skin. Pressing your face on a cotton pillowcase all night can cause us to wake up with creases on our skin. Eventually the creases may become permanent. A cotton pillowcase draws moisture from your hair and skin while you sleep. A satin pillowcase allows your face to move across the pillow so there is no tension or stress on your skin. They are also warm in the winter and cool in the summer."


"Sleeping on a satin pillowcase is a simple and surprisingly affordable method to making the most of beauty rest."


"Persistently pressing our faces into a pillow causes trauma to the skin. Over time, this trauma, aggravated by the friction of a cotton pillowcase, can create permanent creases as our collagen breaks down."