• Hair styles to last longer i.e.; formal style, blow wave or curls

  • Reduces bunching and creasing of hair and skin

  • Reduces breakage and hair loss

  • Perfect for travelers who want to maintain their hair style and make-up

  • Recommended for use the night of a colour service, to reduce friction to the cuticle layer

  • Ideal for helping maintain shape and structure of hair extensions or hair pieces


If you have Natural wave or Curly hair you would probably know by now how delicate and prone to dryness curly hair can be. Curly Hair Style Specialists around the world will recommend sleeping on a High Quality Satin Pillowcase to avoid any further dehydration of the hair shaft or friction to the shape of the Curl. Maintaining a balanced hydration in Curly hair is the secret to protecting the curls and maintaining a beautiful curl that has spring and shine.

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